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Are you considering Australia as your new permanent home? Or perhaps you are interested in working here temporarily? Moving to Australia can become a reality and we can help.  Read More

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Are you ready to live the dream in Australia? Maybe you are looking to study in Australia, provide a better life for your family, improve your career, or move your business.  Perhaps you are seeking a working holiday or just want to try living and working in Australia for a short time.  Whichever of these situations you are in, we are here to help you.

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M&G Migration and Visa Services is committed to achieving the best results for you no matter your circumstances. We have a thorough understanding of the Australian Migration Laws and Regulations, and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Policies. Our training, background and skills enable us to provide specialist (specialized) assistance to you in a professional and efficient manner for all Australian migration requirements including 457 and partner visa. We endeavour to make your application process, whatever visa it is for, as simple as possible. And that means we’re happy to work at your pace to ensure everything you’re required to do is made crystal clear.

Our Process

The application for a visa can be quite complex, with the Australian immigration office setting a wide range of requirements depending on the nature of your Visa. Our first step is to provide a basic consultation that will allow us to discuss what visa will suit your needs most. From there we spend the time to go over the requirements of the visa and how we can help you apply.

Throughout the application process you have access to our registered migration agents who have the experience and the training to give you the best advice possible. As your application progresses our team are there to provide ongoing support and a friendly, understanding point of contact. We understand the ins and outs of Australia migration Law, which means we can answer any questions you may have.

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The application process for most Australian visas can be quiet long, which is why you need to get the process started as soon as possible. By contacting one of our registered migration agents today, we can begin the process of your application. So why wait? Contact us and start the journey to your better future.


All registered migration agents must comply with the Code of Conduct of the Office of Australian Migration Agents’ Registration Authority (OMARA).

Click here for more information about and a link to the Code of Conduct.