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The 457 visa is one of the leading ways for skilled competent workers and their family members to live in Australia and work for their employers for up to four years in their qualified occupation. At M&G Migration and Visa Services we have solid experience helping our clients successfully apply for 457 visas. While the 457 visa may seem simple, it can be quite a complicated process, with strict legal requirements that needs to be met. With our 457 consultation services, we advise all our Melbourne clients on the best and efficient way for those requirements to be met. Our well outlined professional submissions ensure that we don’t leave anything to chance.

457 Advice and Support

There are multiple elements to a 457-visa application, including a business approval process, where the business that is sponsoring you must become an approved 457 sponsor

457 Standard Business Sponsorship

The employer must apply to become approved as a Standard Business Sponsor to be permitted to nominate employees for 457 visas. Generally, all registered legal entities may qualify to become an approved sponsor, which includes companies, sole traders, partnerships and trusts. It is irrelevant to a standard business sponsorship application what the size of the business is, although they are other issues that may be affected by the size of business in regard to 457 Visa.

457 Employer Nomination

The second step in the process is for the employer to nominate the 457 visa applicant for a legitimate position with the business. This is the major and most crucial part of 457 Visa. There are strict requirements in regards to the position, remuneration and whether or not can easily be filled locally (Labour Market Testing).

427 Visa Requirements

After the employer has applied to become an approved standard business sponsor for 457 visas and has nominated the worker for a 457 visa the last step is for the applicant to apply for the 457 visa. There are still several requirements you need to meet. All 457 visa applicants must pass an English skills test, health test and character test. Our skilled and experienced migration agents can help you with all these requirements and more.

Our team of migration agents can help both individuals and businesses with either side of their application. We’re available throughout the entire process to provide expert advice and support to ensure your applications goes as smoothly as possible.

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The 457-visa application process is one of the quickest process it’s normally between 4 weeks and 4 Months, which includes Nomination and Sponsorship approval. We’re Melbourne’s migration experts, which means we’re the ones you want on your team for the next 457 Visa Application. Organise an initial consultation today and find out how we can help you, alternatively contact us here and we can answer any questions you may have over the phone.