Partner Visa Consultation from Melbourne’s Leading Immigration Agents

Partner visas are a popular visa type for many couples in Australia and our migration agents have successfully helped countless people apply and receive their partner visa. The requirements behind a partner visa aren’t simple and the application can be quite costly. With the importance this visa often represents to people, it’s essential that the immigration agent you use gets everything right. We pride ourselves on doing just that. Our team are experienced immigration agents who go out of our way to make your application go smoothly.

Getting Approval for your Partner Visa

There is a range of partner visa options available depending on your personal circumstances. Our immigration agents determine the correct one for you and then walk you through the application process. Whether you need a Prospective Partner Visa, or you’re in a de facto partnership, or married to an Australian citizen, we’ll help you to identify the best visa option for you.

Partner Visa Requirements

There’s more than just being married to the Partner visa requirements. Our Melbourne immigration agents will walk you through every aspect of your relationship which requires proof and help you gather that information into the right format for your application. To get your partner visa approved, you’ll need to show your relationship is genuine, committed to each other and you don’t live apart and separate on permanent basis. There are plenty of documentary evidence you can provide and we’ll work together to identify the right evidence for you and your application.

Contact us to get your partner visa started in Melbourne

Applying for a partner visa is an important step in your life and our immigration agents are the team you want helping you through the process. We’re there from beginning to end, helping you get your visa approved. Contact us today and start your journey to an approved partner visa with M&G Migration and Visa Services.