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Bridging visas is a temporary visa that’s allow you to remain in Australia while you are waiting for an application to be processed, or to provide lawful status while you make arrangements to depart the country.

1. Bridging Visa A
This visa allows you to stay in Australia while you are waiting for an application to be processed. You do not have any travel rights on this visa so if you were to leave Australia, you would not be able to get back in.

2. Bridging Visa B
This visa is granted to holders of Bridging Visa A, which allows them to leave and return to Australia while their submitted application is being processed.

3. Bridging Visa C
This visa is similar to Bridging Visa A, the difference being that is granted to unlawful non-citizen who lodge a valid application for a substantive visa.

4. Bridging Visa D
This visa is lets you stay in Australia lawfully for a short time until you are able to make a substantive visa application, make arrangements to leave Australia or are granted a Bridging visa E.

5. Bridging Visa E
This visa lets you stay in Australia lawfully while you make arrangements to leave, finalise your immigration matter or are waiting for an immigration decision. It does not let you re-enter Australia if you leave.

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